You have been invited to this page because you are a part of my support circle. So first let me say an abundant THANK YOU for the encouragement, trust, and love poured into our relationship!

As I embark on this journey as a startup founder x entrepreneur x badass disruptor, I am in need of financial support. Covering the costs of rent, food, conferences, travel etc. to lay the foundation for my business launch takes a toll on my measly grad student loan income. If you are willing and able, I ask for your financial contribution to my founder’s fund to help keep me afloat while I break down barriers and help to pave ways for the next generation of underrepresented and underestimated talent.


  • $100k salary in San Francisco is considered low income

  • Important conferences for me to attend like SXSW cost about $4k including ticket, hotel, flight, food etc.

  • 40k 2%

  • Low income in San Francisco is considered $100k salary

  • conferences