You have been invited to this page because you belong to my support circle. So first and foremost let me share an abundant THANK YOU for the trust, love, and encouragement poured into our relationship. I am in need of financial support. My journey as a startup founder is exciting and has been gaining traction rapidly. The cost to maintain this traction however is taking a toll on my measly grad student loan income. If you are willing and able, I request your monetary support to my founder’s fund to assist my journey in continuing to break down barriers and help to pave the way for the next generation of underrepresented and underestimated talent. I may not have a dime, but I have a vision and I hope you will help me to achieve it.


  • $100k salary is considered low income in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live

  • $3k is the average cost of important conferences I need to attend like SXSW and I have several other tech conferences that are quickly approaching (ticket, travel, hotel, food etc.)

  • 2% of seed investment goes to women in the tech industry and it’s even less for women of color - a reality I face now entering my first round of investment asks

  • $40k is the average seed investment for Black women compared to $1.14M for other founders

    *Note I am requesting personal financial contributions, not investment into my company. If you are interested in being an investor, please contact me at